3D Foot & Lower Limb Scanning

FootScan3D ScannerHerreen’s revolutionary rotational FootScan3D patented technology takes multiple passes to obtain 200,000 data points to make it one of the most accurate foot and lower limb modelling scanners available.

With an accuracy of 0.4mm FootScan3D ensures that your patient’s custom footwear and orthoses fit precisely and are perfectly congruent with even the most complex foot deformities.

The scanner is faster, cheaper and more accurate than conventional methods of casting and electronic distribution of files to our workshop saves on postage costs and delays.

Herreen 3D Foot Scanning & Model Computation

CADAdjust Software

Herreen CADAdjust Software - Adjusting Foot ModelAdjusting 3D Foot Scan

CADAdjust allows the discerning practitioner to evaluate the foot model and make changes according to their specific foot morphology and pathology. By using a mouse click instead of a plaster knife you will achieve supreme accuracy and treatment outcomes.

Herreen CADAdjust - Last & Insole ChangesLast & Insole Changes

The CADAdjust system will automatically design the best last and insole to fit the foot parameters, however practitioners can add all orthotic modifications available in conventional orthotic laboratories.

This includes metatarsal domes, supination and pronation wedges, apertures, proprioceptive and sensomotoric adjustments, cuboid notches and many more.

Herreen CADAdjust - Footwear Style SelectionStyle Selection

Once the digital orthotic and last have been created in the virtual environment, it’s time to design the real world footwear. Choose from our most popular medical grade boots, sports trainers, casual shoes and sandals designs.

Next select upper colour, midsole and outsole design and any other footwear specifications including internal bracing such as UCBL, supramalleolar or standard heel counters, lacing type, and upper and lining materials.

At the click of a button, your custom footwear and orthotic prescription can be ordered and Herreen will get them back to your practice in a timely manner.

Herreen Pressure & Temperature Sensor SoftwarePressure & Temperature Sensors

When indicated, in-shoe sensors will monitor pressure and temperature data to allow for continual monitoring of a patient’s condition. Wearable technology can be integrated with PC and smartphone software to help keep an eye on your patient’s condition and progress.