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The Leaders in Medical Grade
Custom Footwear Solutions

Using Herreen Concepts and cadAdjust CAD design software to enhance your comfort and well-being.

Choose from a wide range of footwear options designed to address various foot conditions and provide optimal support. Our products are crafted with high-quality materials and innovative technology for durability and effectiveness.

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Are you a Healthcare Professional or Carer wanting ‘normal’ looking footwear at an honest price?

Custom Footwear Solutions

We recommend you work with our partners so they can help advise you of any special requirements.
Herreen representatives are also available at selected locations, please look for the H on our location map or email us at [email protected] to make an appointment.

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Everyday Styles

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Sporty Styles

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Personalised Styles

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Odds & Sodds

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About Herreen

The name Herreen has been associated with making and supplying Custom Footwear and Orthotics in Australia for over 55 years.

Herreen is reshaping the way that custom footwear and orthoses are designed, ordered and manufactured. It’s where craftsmanship meets innovation, resulting in easy to use precision technology, producing cost effective, functional and beautiful products.



The world’s first Virtual Pedorthic Clinic is convenient for Patients, saves potential delays from 3rd parties, keeps costs down and most importantly the Healthcare Professional stays in control of the full process from ordering Custom Footwear and Orthotics to monitoring the outcomes.


We offer the best prices in Australia and work with NDIS, ENABLE and more. Whether paying out of pocket or with government funding, our prices stay the same no matter who pays!