Herreen is reshaping the way that custom footwear and orthoses are designed, ordered and manufactured. Supreme craftsmanship meets innovative medical technology to form a disruptive model that is easy to use, efficacious and cost effective.

With the Herreen FootScan3D digitizer and CADAdjust software practitioners from many disciplines can prescribe and fit complete foot and lower limb footwear and orthotic solutions for their patients.

Join the growing community of allied health and medical practitioners using Herreen’s 50 years of industry experience and proprietary technologies to give your patients the outcomes they deserve.

History of Herreen

The name Herreen has been associated with making and supplying Depth Footwear, Custom Footwear and Custom Orthoses in Australia for almost 50 years.

Herreen has supplied all the major hospitals in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales and worked with Orthopaedic and Vascular Surgeons, Prosthetist-Orthotists, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists.

John Herreen (snr) started the business in 1968 in Adelaide, South Australia. His son Chris joined the business in 1974. His youngest son Jonathan joined the business in 1985. After finishing his training in 1989, Jonathan purchased the business from his father and formed  J.Herreen & Sons Pty Ltd.

*John Herreen (snr) is one of the 3 founding members of what is today the Pedorthist Assoc…..after some name changes.

By the mid 1990s, branches had been established in Melbourne and Sydney resulting in total employees of 22 across the three locations making Jonathan the largest provider of Custom footwear in Australia.

He was the first provider to DVA for their custom needs in NSW and SA when RALAC closed in 1993. He was also amongst the first group to supply DVA in Vic.

Between 1997-2000 Jonathan expanded the specialist nature of the business by providing bespoke footwear to the high fashion industry for use in specific parades and fashion shoots.

Recipients of this tailor-made service were some of the best known fashion houses in Australia.….Carla Zampatti, Collette Dinnigan, Akira, Tigerlily-Jodhi Packer to name a few.

This diversification led to Jonathan establishing a broader reputation for his specialist skills and eye for detail in the style and comfort of footwear. Through the high-profile fashion clientele, he connected to some of Australia’s best known people and provided private, exclusive bespoke footwear to them….James Packer, Lindsay Fox, Sara Murdoch, John Laws, Len Ainsworth and most recently Gina Rinehart.

From 2001-2007 Jonathan concentrated on the development of a more specialised product whilst maintaining services to a loyal client base.

From 2008, Jonathan travelled to USA and India to research and seek future opportunities. India has the greatest number of people suffering diabetes and will continue increase at a huge rate.

In late 2009 Jonathan relocated to Sydney and began working on his FASS product which had a PCT Patent registered in the USA. It is a modular shoe/support device with changeable uppers.

In 2012 Jonathan established a modern facility in Guangzhou China and works with several hospitals, disabled federations and private companies in China and Hong Kong..

In more recent times Jonathan has developed a 3D foot and leg scanner which is being used by Podiatrists and Orthotists around Australia……currently there are 30.

Jonathan has several international relationships including Dr David Armstrong who is  technical advisor for HighRiskDiabetic orthoses design.

Since 2013 Jonathan has been the ‘Master Craftsman’ for Mephisto in China, for their PR/marketing events….controlled by Belle group.

Also in 2013 Jonathan spoke at the South Australian Podiatry Conference and ISPO Hong Kong.

As of 2014 Jonathan is the Australian distributor of STABLI…..orthopaedic kids boots from Dr.Kong

In March 2015 Jonathan was named Preferred Provider of Custom and Depth Footwear, and Orthoses for SA Country Health Dept.

In October 2016 Jonathan’s SmartFit scanning and software system was named the winner of Ministers Innovation Award,  SA Health Awards