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First Choice For Healthcare Professionals

As the Largest producer of Custom Footwear and Orthotics across Australia & New Zealand, we are actively working with Podiatrists and Orthotists to provide better looking, better priced products.

Are you wanting to access Herreen custom footwear for your patients?

Are you wanting to learn how to measure, prescribe, fit and follow-up utilising the Herreen technology and service?

The TelePed Service is there to support you get established and help you manage the patient who is needing footwear.

Your geographic location in Australia is no barrier to partnering with Herreen.

Medical Custom Footwear Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

With Herreen Concepts and advanced software, healthcare practitioners like you can now prescribe and fit complete foot and lower limb solutions for your patients.

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Exceptional Comfort and Functionality

Your patients deserve only the best.

With our revolutionary technology, you can provide them with footwear and orthotic solutions that not only offer superior comfort but also enhance their mobility and improve their overall foot health and compliance

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Embrace the Future of Footcare

Join the growing community of healthcare professionals who are embracing the future of footcare with Herreen Concepts. Say goodbye to traditional methods and unlock a new level of accuracy and efficiency in your practice.

Why Refer HERREEN?

For over 55 years HERREEN has been making quality footwear and orthotics and has grown a network across Australia New Zealand Canada Malaysia and now the USA with healthcare professionals.

We are passionate about transforming the future of custom footwear and that starts with creating technology that Makes Things Easy

We focus on making shoes that are stylish and affordable, made in a timely manner according to your preferred colour and style preferences.